Parent testimonials


We are a non-French Speaking Family; the question is why choosing French? My Mom went to School in Paris. She speaks French and none of us does, so my son showed interest after visiting his grandma. I started looking for a French school but was not particularly interested in any.

Last summer EFGH had a summer camp at my sons school "The Village School" and I registered my son for a week. My son loved it and asked for more so I added a second week. And then I decided to register for Saturdays lesson. I am happy having enrolled him, as it is a very good investment. EFGH is affordable and offers a quality curriculum.

My son has been attending since last year and I have seen tremendous difference in his French skills and his speed in improvement is unbelievable. I would say this about EFGH, the school spirit and atmosphere, sense of community, involvement, and friendship between students.

Great teachers motivated and engaged teachers, professional team, committed, friendly and welcoming staff. Am registering him again for the next academic year and my 4year old son as well. In all a BIG THANK YOU TO EFGH`S administrative team and teachers. Keep up the good work.

Dr Nnenna Nwabuoku, Emmanuel’ mum – FLE Program

My daughter has attended the Education Française Greater Houston program for the past 4 years and we are both extremely pleased with the entire program. She truly enjoys going to class and attending the events. The staff is great and very helpful and welcoming to all. I am an International Flight attendant for a major airline and she is very excited about going to France and utilizing all that she has learned in the classes this summer.

Malika Bradley, Chloe's Mum – FLE Program

EFGH provides a wonderful opportunity for French speaking children, of all levels, to practice their French outside of their regular environment. Our 5 year old has been attending the native speakers Saturday morning class for 7 months now, allowing him to maintain his fluency, even though both parents do not speak French. His teacher Ms. Sophie is wonderfully gentle and encouraging and our child genuinely loves his French classes.

Octavia Stuart, Fionn’s mum – FLAM Program

The good fortune and responsibility of being multi-lingual…

When it is time to leave, it’s time as well to say how grateful we are toward all the people who were part of our life in Houston. So, I want to say a grateful thank you to the greater EFGH family! During our 6 years in Texas, this association has been an important part of our family. Our bilingual children joined the EFGH classes at the beginning of their first year here. At that time it was twice a week for an hour and a half after a full day at their American school! Then the organization grew and the classes moved to Saturday morning. This was a good change for us and we were happy to participate.

The small classes, the teachers’ and assistants’ dedication, their human oriented approach, the quality of the teaching, the cultural openness, the variety of the students’ background, the summer camps and all the events with the family: we feel that we were able to enjoy the best of what the association offers around the French language! But of course, it is first and foremost about integrating French knowledge so that means working hard. It isn’t easy to motivate everyone after a full day of school or early on Saturday. For the children who could understand we used a technique to help them cooperate: we call it the “mission” toward the language. For example, our children know that they are 100% French and 100% American. These two different cultural identities live inside them and they know that they are both of them. And depending on the situation, the French side or the American side could be more in focus. Then they know which cultural behavior is suitable for each context and can behave accordingly.

People who are lucky to speak two languages or more have a big responsibility as well: keeping in harmony these two or more cultural references, so that they can contribute to a more open minded and tolerant society and the coexistence of different cultures. But yes, that means working twice as hard, but that means receiving twice the reward, too! The child must understand that, beyond his own process of learning French, there is another game going on: he enhances his own future as a global citizen and hopefully his well-being in living well together among our cultural differences.

EFGH helped us with the French pedagogic part of our Franco-American children’s education, helping them develop their abilities in this language and culture. Our stay of 6 years in Houston has been full of a lot of things and the French classes will definitely remain in our family’s memories.

To the whole EFGH team, past and present: thank you and please continue your mission of quality French teaching!

Adélaïde Russell, Clarisse and Wesley’s mum – FLAM Program

We are a Peruvian couple who decided that our children would learn a third language, French. Even though we are not French native speakers, our two sons take the FLAM program (Français Langue Maternelle) at EFGH and they do great. Mom learned French at l'Alliance Française in Lima, Peru. In 2012 we decided to start French language exposure at home. As we do in Spanish (our first language), mom started talking and doing regular activities only in French three times per week. Even though dad doesn't know French he happily joins our activities and tries to learn with us. Some of the activities the children do in French include: reading, singing, listening to audiobooks, meeting with French friends, and attending EFGH every Saturday. Because to us learning a language goes hand-to-hand with learning about culture, EFGH is the perfect complement. It provides our children with French cultural activities, exposure to excellent French teachers, and an easy way to get French books thanks to their library and books subscription. Our boys love their French Saturday school and so do we. We are happy to encourage their journey on this third language. We are excited for our boys to continue loving French and looking forward for our little girl to joining EFGH in a couple of years.
Elizabeth Cortez & Jose Akamine, parents de Jeremias et Joaquin – Programme FLAM