Parent testimonials

A big thank you to the entire team!

The end of the year is rapidly approaching. I would like to share my feedback about this year.

Garance – Garance was in Laurence’s class. It was a year of great learning for her! She never dreaded going to class. Laurence has a way of getting students to learn and improve their French by incorporating art into her lessons. Garance was always so proud to show us her work! The way the class was taught helped her enrich her French while also teaching her art techniques. It was truly a win-win situation. If the group and the program continue, I know that Garance will love French school just as much next year.

Eugénie – So much progress! A big thank you to Anne for giving Eugénie a solid foundation in French. Eugénie started writing in French this year, and her spelling and grammar have come a long way! She was always excited to go to French school. What a great year!

Victor – Thanks to Marie for sending us a Saturday morning report every Saturday. We were able to see the diverse topics she covered and the materials she used in class (so much work!). I know that Victor isn’t always the best at staying focused. Marie must have been very creative to hold his attention. Thank you so much for all your work!

I’d like to give a big thank you to the entire team. You show up every Saturday, rain or shine, whether it’s freezing or sweltering. Your program has some good years ahead of it!

Sophie Malbrel


At the beginning, a language concern made the choice

Our family arrived in Houston in August 2011 after 4 full years in Paris. The children were attending a local school in Paris and still practiced their English with their American father at home. We chose to put them in the American school here in Houston. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before they would forget their French knowledge, but I wasn’t ready to make them work through French homeschooling.
I’d barely heard of EFGH and found it interesting, but I thought it might be more relevant for the next years, later. Alice, the local coordinator in our area, described it more precisely to me and then I decided to sign them up for this coming year. I thought that having a class twice a week would be a good way for them to maintain their French level. They started last September.

During all this year of French class, I think that my children understood that it is possible to learn in another language (integrating two languages at the same time without taking away things from one language to another). They realized as well that they have to work harder than they thought just to maintain and develop their French knowledge.

As a French mother, I am very happy with this first year with EFGH and do not regret that I started as soon as we arrived, neither the time nor organization it demands. I truly appreciate the teachers’ great work, the quality of the courses, and their commitment. I would like to thank them in this note! I am relieved not to have to take care myself of the French class for my children and that this part is in professionals’ hands!
I also like the fact that my children share some time with other children who are also speaking in French. They don’t have all the same background or the same level of French but they all are students in American schools who come to study this language. So they share a common identity of American student, French-related and have similar references, most of them American. As well, they spend two afternoons together, working in French and are more or less motivated, interested, or reluctant, each of them with their own learning disposition.

Thank-you again to all the EFGH members and I will see you next year for another French class full of emotions, learning and surprises!

Adélaïde Russel

Thank you for the Saturday morning French classe

My children have been attending EFGH for 3 years and the new format implemented this year 2015-2016 (Saturday morning school) has made a tremendous difference in their language skills and the speed at which they are improving.

Even though the attendance in their class is quite heavy—at 15 students—the teacher (who holds a teaching diploma from France) and her assistant are doing wonders in teaching them how to read and write in French. I am simply amazed at the overall progress in such a short time. With this new format, the children are more motivated and more interested. They talk about what they have learnt and put it in practice.

The tuition is definitely an investment, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!
Thank you to EFGH’s administrative team and the teachers for their hard work and commitment!

Michele Tropee

Why EFGH classes for my kids? In two words: EXCELLENT RESULTS!

4 years of EFGH classes allowed my two sons 10 and 13 years old, to improve their French in order to maintain a relationship with family back in France, obtain credit by exam for foreign-language in the American school system, and make friends. Born in Houston, from a French mother and a Colombian father, speaking mainly Spanish at home, going to an American school, Gabriel and Lorenzo did their best to maintain the basics in the French language, going to French school in France during the month of June.  Needless to say they were not very excited to go to school during their vacation. With yearlong education at EFGH, dedicated and fabulous teachers, wonderful administrators, and the rigorous French program, my kids made remarkable progress in every aspect of their French: writing, reading, grammar etc.  They still complain a bit about going to EFGH classes especially on Saturday mornings, but all in all, the effort is very much worth it.  FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, THANK YOU EFGH.

Nadège Perrod


EFGH has been a very pleasant experience for our kids and us as parents. We chose EFGH because the teachers were experienced and native French speakers. We found the program adapted to the kids’ level and age, and stimulating, with fun programs having them learning French through games and ludic activities. After their first year at EFGH, Maxime and Eloise are more confident in speaking French and can make simple sentences related to everyday’s life. Believe it or not, they can now even speak English with a French accent…!

Xiangli.Yang & Florent Elefteriou