Annual Fundraising and Gift Matching

Annual Fundraising

Every year for Giving Tuesday, EFGH sends a letter to the families that encourages them to donate to the organization.

When you make a donation to our annual fundraiser, you are helping EFGH to continue its programs and provide a multilingual education to your child. Your contribution is not only an investment in the school’s present and future. It is a vote of confidence in EFGH that encourages our sponsors and partners to continue lending us their support.

Each year, we encourage all EFGH families, teachers, and staff to donate an amount of their choosing to maintain a high rate of participation by our community.

Gift Matching

Many companies match donations from their employees to non-profit organizations. If your employer matches (or even doubles) your contribution, you can double or triple your donation to EFGH!
Some companies even match contributions made by retired employees or spouses.
Check with your Human Resources department to find out whether your employer offers gift matching. Generally all you have to do is fill out a form, but it can have a major impact on our organization. 

Check if your company offers a gift matching program on