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French as a Second Language - FLE

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The French as a Second Language (FLE) program is aimed at children who do not speak French at home.

The objective of the FLE classes is for students to be able to communicate in French, and also to teach them about French culture in a dynamic, interactive classroom setting. To standardize our curriculum, we have selected the best methods for the level and age of the students. Our methods follow the cursus laid out by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.* However, our teachers may use other textbooks depending on the students’ backgrounds.

FLE courses offered by EFGH cover basic French linguistics, syntax, and phonetics. We focus on vocabulary and conversational French. Students begin reading and writing words and sentences at the Les Loustics level.

Programs customized for every level

The age ranges below are intended as guidelines only. We ensure that all students receive individualized attention for their own needs.

Les Grenouilles One-year program for non French-speaking students ages 4-5

Prerequisite: Must be 4 years old when school starts.

Objectives: With Les Grenouilles, language learning is incorporated into everything. Students develop their abilities to speak and understand French through a variety of activities, including songs, poetry, dancing, games, crafts, and book-related activities.

Les Petits Matous : Two-year program for non French-speaking students ages 5-7

Prerequisite: Must be 5 years old when school starts.

Objectives: Students explore the French language through the five senses, animals and colors. They also explore the vocabulary of the body thanks to playful activities in French and they learn how to introduce themselves and how to count in French.
In the second year, Les Petits Matous continue their exploration of the French language. They learn how to ask questions, follow instructions, and read new fairy tales.

Les Loustics : Four-year program for non French-speaking students ages 7-11

Prerequisite: Must be 7+ years old.

Objectives: Through repetition of language structures and the use of appropriate vocabulary, students learn to speak about and describe themselves, express their feelings, and talk about what they like. They also learn to locate themselves in space and time, give instructions, and share information.
More-complex structures are gradually introduced, giving students a way to express a desire, place an order, tell time, and talk about the weather. They continue learning how to express their preferences and intentions and exchange information.

Les Decibels : Two-year program for non French-speaking students ages 11-13

Prerequisite: Must be 11+ years old and a beginner.

Objectives: Students begin learning French through repetition of language structures and appropriate vocabulary. They learn to introduce themselves, describe objects, name the date, ask for information, and express their tastes and preferences. They continue to expand their vocabulary through conversations in class and texts and topics related to French culture.

Helpful information

FLE classes are held on Saturdays from 9am to 11am on the campus of The Awty International School.

*CEFRL is the result of extensive research by a group of linguistics and education experts who came together to establish a framework for learning, teaching, and evaluating competency in foreign languages. It is now used around the world to determine a language-learner’s level of competency and progress.