Saturday French School

French class for Parents

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EFGH offers French classes for parents of students enrolled in the Saturday program.

Do you wish you could speak French with your spouse or child? In some multicultural families, the non-French-speaking parent can have trouble conversing with their child in French. By popular demand by parents, EFGH now offers three classes:

  • French for Parents - Beginner
  • French for Parents - Intermediate
  • French for Parents - Advanced

Start or continue your French education along with your child!

What are the parents classes like?

Classes are made up of small groups of students, all at the same level, to facilitate conversation. Activities are designed to optimize your learning. The approach focuses on oral communication to help you become comfortable speaking French as soon as possible.

Hone your skills in a dynamic yet easygoing class while having fun with other like-minded parents interested in the French language and culture.

Classes are taught by experienced instructors who teach French language and culture to adults and parents of multilingual children.

Helpful information

Parents’ classes are held on Saturdays from 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM at The Awty International School.

Adult classes are open only to parents of students enrolled at EFGH. To register, email


EFGH selected resources for parents who want to keep studying French at home.

Resources for adult students